It's what's on the inside that counts

A shophouse built in 1950's with mid century modern design & architecture, dominant with white and calm colors. A cozy little greenery backyard where you can arrange parties or enjoy a movie night under starlight can be found here. 

With varieties of service we provide from food, sweets, drinks, lifestyle services, co-working space or even a place to sleep like hostel.

An amazing place for a group of friends or a solo traveler to stay - you’ll find new communities and all the local experiences you need.


where the local experiences begin

This charming and spacious building is located in the heart of Chiangrai city, just opposite the beautiful ancient temple named 'Wat Ming Muang'.


Surrounded by many famous landmarks around the city. Just 1-min walk to Chiangrai Saturday Night Martket Street. And, only 5-min walk to the Clock Tower by the world famous Thai visual artist 'Chaloemchai'; creator of the White Temple, golden by day and beautifully lit by night. Enjoy the scenery from local restaurants across the streets.